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» Network-based dynamics simulator for humanoid robots

Network-based-dynamics-simulator-for-humanoid-robots11.jpg2004~2010, KIST

· Humanoid (Mahru, KIST) Dynamics Simulator

· Mahru dynamic model

· Real-time collision detection / analysis, dynamics simulation and 3D rendering

· Haptic interface interlocking

» Network-based Multi purpose Quadruped robot

Network-based-Multi-purpose-Quadruped-robot1.jpg2006~2009, ADD & KIST

· Network-based robot driving GUI research and development

· Dynamics simulator for testing Revenge robot cooperation control algorithm

· 200m X 200m virtual city environment developed for testing

» Software developed to allow realtime system control using multiple operating systems

RoboticsLab-simulator.jpgRoboticsLab-structure2.jpg2010 ~2012, Seoul SME supports SimLab product improvement

· Linux RoboticsLab SDK under developed

· Linux RealtimeRobotics SDK under developed

· Ether-CAT-to-RS485 interface under developed

» Develop of smart actuator modules for manufacturing robots


2008 ~ 2011 Daekyeong region's leading industrial R&D business plan

· The PC software (MMC) development for smart drive for the multi-axis robot drive.

· Developed EtherCAT master for smart drive

· Developed forward/ inverse kinematic- and dynamic-based robot control software

» Development of Quadruped Robot Platform


Development-of-Quadruped-Robot-Platform1.jpg2011 ~ 2013 KITECH

· Torque-controlled quadruped robot

· Developed stable walking algorithms

· Built a dynamics simulation and hard real-time control framework

» Art Project at Berlin Institute of Technology

WAM.jpg· Created an experimental environment using RealtimeRobotics base for the Berlin Institute of Technology's Art Robot

· Simulator supports TUB's Hybrid system

· Developed mobile robot path planner

· Developed hard real-time control (EtherCAT communication base) for Meka Humanoid chest
» Mobile Manipulation for Seoul National University

· Dynamic simulation and real-time control framework built on RoboticsLab

· Operational space and hard real-time control software framework developed for 7 DOF manipulator

· Developed mobile manipulation dynamics simulator

» Engkey, Mero and KIBO motion Editor for KIST

· Timeline GUI-based editor for generating motions

· Real-time motion validation

· Engkey and Mero robots can be controlled in real time

» Allegro for ROMEO


· Simulation and control of differential wheel mobile robot ROMEO

· Laser, Sonar, Stargazer and Gyro sensors

· Same exact controller for driving both the real and virtual robots

» Simulator for underwater hexapod robot


· Shallow- and deep-sea dynamics simulator for underwater Hexapod robot

· Developed 30 DOF Robot (LCR200 / CR200) dynamics model

· Developed and tested walking algorithms in simulator

» Experimental Robotics for SKKU


· Software for college senior and postgraduate student education

· Kinematic, inverse kinematics, Jacobian, path interpolation and control

· Includes dynamic simulator

· 3 DOF H/W platform hard real-time control

· Experimental interlocking for testing algorithms on real hardware

» Horseback riding simulator for AJIN


· Horseback riding educational simulator

· 3D stereoscopic technology

· Interlocking of Real-robot and simulator using RS232

· This 3D simulator is being revived for use at Yeong-cheon stables

» Manual indirect teaching SW GUI / ETRI


· Front End for manual indirect teaching

· Media player for working analysis

· Telnet base command processing

· ETRI RPF with RoboticsLab provide function for interlocking

· The interlocked function with the ETRI Script engine

» Cleaning robot simulator for LG Electronic

Untitled-1.jpgLG Electronics Mobile Vision Group

· Cleaning Robot (Roboking) navigation algorithm verification

· Sensor simulation models (ultrasonic, vision etc) customization

· Built a variety of virtual environments for testing

» Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) simulator


· UGV algorithm verification

· Lane and signal detection

· Real-time sensor data

· Vehicle 3D model

· KAIST and ETRI 3D virtual environment models

» Tractor simulator for SNU


· Mobile Robot simulator with rack and pinion-style steering model

· LabVIEW provides a path planning and following algorithm to the RoboticsLab simulator

· RoboticsLab simulator returns the current position and orientation data to the LabVIEW controller

» BigEye simulator for PIRO


· Segway-style robotic platform using BigEye dynamics simulator

· Control algorithm can be implemented using the LabVIEW

· The algorithms are implemented in the simulator and the tested on the actual H/W platform

· Dynamic simulator and LabVIEW communicate using TCP/IP for interlocking / synchronization

» Bimanual robot simulation with haptic control


· Demonstration exact trajectory by skiiled human

· Reproducing trajectory as maintaining shear force

· Modify trajectory

» SimLab YouTube Channel

SimLab-Youtube.pngVisit our Youtube channel!

Here you can watch a variety of interesting videos about RoboticsLab and Allegro products from Simlab and our customers.

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