RoboticsLab is a robotics software development environment including a system modeler and customizable dynamics and control engines. RoboticsLab enables users to prototype, customize, and test reusable robotics algorithms and applications. Control algorithms created using RoboticsLab can be tested on the simulated system then seamlessly verified on the real system hardware.

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Advantages of RoboticsLab

Intuitive and comprehensive model authoring toola for robots, environments, and devices

Accurate multi-body dynamics simulation based on a robust dynamics engine

Effective rapid prototyping of robot controllers using our control engine and SDK

 Extendable plug-in structure for custom simulation dynamics and robot devices

≫ Integrated development environment for MS Visual Studio C/C++ and Python

Benefits of Employing RoboticsLab in Robotics S/W Development Process

≫ During robotics algorithm development

    · Testing of algorithms using virtual robots relieves developers from the chances of hardware failure.

    · Allows for parallel development of algorithms by developers employing the same exact virtual robot


≫ During system integration with a hardware platform

    · Minimal effort in transferring the developed control software to real hardware platforms

≫ During the promotion of robot platforms to prospective customers

    · Customers can evaluate and test virtual robots in realistic environments using our software.

RoboticsLab application development consists of three steps


≫ The first step is modeling robots and environments.

    · Robot models can be created and edited using our system modeling tool, rBuilder. rBuilder also

      supports the exporting of articulated models from Solidworks and other CAD softwares.

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lab_img06.gif lab_img07.gif
lab_img08.gif lab_img09.gif

≫ The second step is implementing robot control algorithm plug-ins.

    · The RoboticsLab framework allows users to create and reuse their own control algorithm plug


     RoboticsLab includes a control engine and SDK which provides many basic robot control

     algorithms like inverse kinematics, inverse dynamics and impedance control, allowing the user to

     easily prototype high-level controllers for their robotic system.

≫ The last step is implementing simulators for robot models and control algorithms. During simulation,

    users can interact with the virtual robots physically using user input devices and special tools provided

    by RoboticsLab.

    · Finally, you can implement you controller on your virtual system in one of many diverse test

      environments. Within the simulation, you can interact with the robot and its surroundings by applying

      forces and moments or even pressing buttons. You can also view graphical representations of live

      sensor data while plotting any other data of interest.

roboticslab_img02.jpg roboticslab_img03.jpg

      Simulation results can be stored and analyzed using MATLAB.



   · In the RoboticsLab Standard Edition, you can use all of the tools and SDKs described to develop

     robust, powerful and reusable control algorithms and applications.


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